Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Fine Print

In the beginning there was a contract. Daddy wrote it when he proposed the power exchange. I can't really remember everything it said, but I clearly remember there being a contract. Somewhere along the way it was replaced with an unspoken agreement and a bracelet that locks around my wrist, but I know there once was that contract.

You see, I had a little bit of sub frenzy when Daddy gave me that contract. And I think I forgot to read some of the fine print.

Oh, I have so much to learn.

Like when it comes to gift giving. Daddy is beyond generous with gifts. Like out of this world thoughtfully generous. Like all my friends now think he's some super gift giving hero, and when I post on Facebook how great my husband is, they don't ask 'Did you get hacked?'. Instead they ask 'What did he get you?'.

I should be super happy about this -- right?

Well I am. And I'm thankful too. And grateful. And very very lucky. But I'm also super annoyed. Because now they want to know what I'm getting him.

Daddy controls all the money. All the money. I have to ask to spend any of it -- even a dollar. And while, he's generous here too and rarely denies me what I want and need, when I ask to buy him something he's tightens up fast. Oh, I can get money out of him for the kids to shop with, but me...uh...nope.

He's a happy man, he'll say. He has everything he wants. And if he doesn't, he'll go out and buy it himself. 

This year he really outdid himself and when I whined to my writer friends that I had no money to get him anything, they offered up their suggestions.

A blowjob?


Member to the blow job club for a month?

He already has the lifetime membership.

VIP membership - no line, no cover, and no reciprocation?

Well I stopped there because I didn't want to admit he already has that too.

I guess I'll keep looking for that contract in hopes there was a loophole somewhere. I've still got a week til christmas.


  1. Lol! The man that has everything and needs nothing... sounds very familiar. :)

    1. You've got one too? It's nice in theory but so annoying this time of year!

  2. Oh, I can so see your struggle here.

    Maybe your Daddy will realize, now that this is in words, that it isn't that He controls the money, etc., just that you would like to go buy a token for Him that allows you to express your gratitude.

    On the flip side, if His love language for gifts is on the bottom of the totem pole, then you need to find a way to resign that token of your love for Him will not be through a material object.

    1. You bring up a really good point. His love languages are acts of service and physical touch (so he gets all that with the D/s thing). Gifts aren't really a big deal for him.

      I was hoping he'd read this and get the hint, but he just laughed. Sigh. It just would be nice to give him something really nice for a change.

    2. You want to give it to Him, yet to Him it is a waste as it isn't important to Him. So, focus on giving Him something else. Reach deeper in your soul and submission. I bet you can come up with something that would mean more to Him. Good luck. I do understand your predicament.

    3. Thanks HS! You've really given me some good things to think about.

  3. Clearly you should be proud he only needs you :) Perhaps something which you don't have to purchase - a poem or personalised playlist on his iPod (or equivalent) My husband is hard to buy for because he claims he needs nothing. I suspect if I didn't have the money available I could think of many things for him. It is always the way.

    1. Those are great ideas and he does love those things -- I have done the playlist and written him letters and poems before. I made his favorite dessert for his birthday.

      I'm just frustrated because I do actually know of a few things he wouldn't mind having right now (lol probably because I don't have the money to buy them), but they're not that important so he'd rather put the money towards other things (which usually means me and the kids).

  4. (((hugs))) I can understand you're frustrated by this. Maybe you could explain to him that while you're really happy that he wants for basically nothing, and you're more than happy with his budgeting and money management and that you understand that gift giving is low down for him when it comes to his languages of love, for you gift giving is really significant and he's so wonderful and you love him so much that you really would like a little more budget to play with so you can spoil him like you dream of?

    I don't understand the whole 'bj VIP membership' as gift either... my husband is already a member too! Maybe I'm different to the majority in that I genuinely love sucking my husband's cock and am grateful for every chance I get to do so? Can't imagine not really wanting to but then there's all things we don't like I suppose...

    1. Thanks mckitten!

      Prior to TTWD, bjs were a birthday or father's day once a year type deal, so I do get where they're coming from.

      But yeah, now since TTWD it's grown to become a genuine love for me too. In fact it's probably more a gift to me sometimes since it's something that really puts me in that 'sub happy place'.