About Us

The short and sweet version...

  • We met in 1995 and have been together since then.
  • We were married in 1999.
  • For pretty much the first decade of our relationship I hated sex. You can read why here.
  • We started a D/s relationship in 2012 after I wrote Phillip an e-mail confessing some of my darker fantasies. Phillip came back with an e-mail of his own proposing a 24/7 power exchange and that's how TTWD began.You can read the whole long story about it here and here.
  • We identify as being part M/s and DD/lg with some DD thrown in. Although sometimes we're not any of those things. We're just doing what works for us.
  • We have two kids who are not aware of our relationship dynamic. We also have two pets (they are not aware either).
  • I usually call Phillip, Daddy. The reasons can be found here.
  • This isn't really a sex blog--maybe more of a lifestyle blog (not sure about that either). It's just a journal of our random thoughts and experiences during this journey we're on.
  • Daddy and I also like to hang out on tumblr. You can follow us at goodgirlaurora and aurorasdaddy. NSFW.
  • Our experience so far hasn't always been easy, but it's brought us closer than we ever thought possible and made us happier than we could have ever imagined. 
  • We've also got a lot to learn and a long way to go.