Monday, December 9, 2013


It's Monday again, and once again I'm scrambling with what to write. Eeeek.

Daddy likes to give me 'assignments'. When I was struggling with 'feeling his dominance' he had me spend the week making a list of every time I did feel it (which helped me focus on what he was doing instead of what I thought was missing). He's had me work on getting over my issues with writing sex by assigning 'fantasy writing assignments'. Last week my assignment was to finish and post my blog on 'sex and shame'. It had been sitting there as a draft for quite a while and without his push it probably would've stayed there for good.

An ongoing assignment I have everyday is to come up with 'Positives' every morning. Daddy seems to think I have an issue with only seeing the negative sometimes. He'll point out that I could get dozens of comments gushing about one of my novels, but it would be the lone one that tells me how 'horrid' it is that would make me want to throw it away and give up writing forever. So yeah, he's probably right.

So to help me have a more 'positive outlook', I have to come up with five positive things each weekday morning. Sometimes this is really easy. I mean Fridays I kind of get a freebie since one of my positives is always 'It's Friday.' Mondays are always the hardest. Today's even harder because this past weekend was kind of 'blah' thanks to not feeling so hot and crappy weather. It's made even worse because we've been having a lot of 'blah' weekends thanks to the craziness of the holidays and we are about to have even more. Not a lot of 'Daddy D/s' time. Plus I'm not one for much 'holiday spirit' thanks to my very dysfunctional family.

So I thought I'd try to cure some of my 'subby blues' and list five positive things for the upcoming week and multitask by blogging them. Hoping Daddy will count this as extra credit :)

1. Last week's assignment to post about the 'sex and shame' had me nearly in tears. I was like 'Nooooo. I like everyone who comes to my blog, I don't want to scare them off'. But it drives Daddy crazy when I worry too much about what people think, and he was right that I shouldn't worry so much. Thank you to those who left such nice comments, and a big thanks to everyone for not running away.

2. I wrote last week about my friend Brittney and the way she was treated for not being afraid to be so open about sex. What I didn't write about was the two decades afterwards where she was constantly getting her heart broken over by men who would use her and discard her. How she was often told she 'wasn't the type of girl you bring home'. And how all she desperately wanted was a 'husband and kids and white picket fence' to call her own. A few years ago she met a really really nice guy who makes her very happy and this past weekend he proposed. I am so thrilled for her.

 3. Daddy didn't write a post this weekend, but he re-designed the blog. And it's pink and black (two of my favorite colors). He won't let me do our bedroom in these colors (boo), but I love them on the blog. So thanks Daddy.

4. Despite a 'blah' weekend, I did get lots of spankings on Friday. And once again, felt a lot better on Saturday.

5. I'm very excited about Daddy's new assignment this week. This upcoming weekend is our last weekend before out-of-town family will be traipsing in for a while so it's really our last chance for fun in 2013. And Daddy said my assignment is to 'look forward to it'. Ooooh....yay! Now nobody around here better get sick or anything....


  1. (((Hugs)))) sometimes it's hard to find positives, so I start by listing things like 'I have all my limbs' and 'I don't have to walk miles through a mine field for water'

    I LOVE the new pink and black look by the way, very nice!

    1. Thanks mc kitten.'ve given me some good ideas for positives.

  2. It always seems so strange that writing positively about things is harder than negative, as mc says we have much to be grateful for and maybe it is the basics in life that we should remember. I think it is a good idea of your Daddy.
    pink and black do work well together.

    1. The negative stuff does come way too easy. Thanks DF!

  3. This is a very good idea ... list 5 positives .. hmmmm .. very good idea indeed!

    Thanks Aurora! :D