Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feeling Random

So I've been struggling with calling him Philip on the blog. Several months ago, I started calling him Daddy and that's what I use all the time now. It's what I say, how I think, what's in my heart. So I think I'm gonna just go with Daddy here from now on.

As for this blog post, well I'm feeling sort of blah and random right now and don't have much to say.

First we're all fighting a cold our youngest so graciously brought home from school.

Second, I'm waiting to lose my job. It's been coming for a while...the company's made no big secret about it. And I'm not scared about losing it--Daddy has a plan in place. It's just the constant daily 'is today the day' feeling that's getting to me. I'm not a patient person, and I'm so ready to be done and on to the next chapter of my life.

And third, Daddy's in position for a possible promotion at his job. It would be huge for our family, but his interview was pushed back and it's made him a little anxious.

So we're all kind of in a sick limbo around here this weekend.


  1. That's a triple whammy, to be sure. Keep your chin up - sounds like Daddy has everything in hand. :-) trust him!

    1. Thanks Mickey!!! Yes he does. I just get too impatient sometimes.

  2. Limbo sucks. Good luck w the next chapter in your life.

  3. 'Daddy' was a big thing for us. It was extremely awkward at first (for me), but also felt right at the same time. Does that make sense at all? Anyway, it's great that he has a plan for your family. It makes everything feel right with the world knowing that they lead.

    I've been sick for about a week so I empathize with you and hope everyone is back to 100% soon!


    1. Yes, I get that. Daddy was awkward at first, but compared to all the other 'names' it felt more natural I guess. Now it's just habit.

      And gosh, thanks, but compared to what you've been going through this cold seems like nothing. Hope you're feeling better!