Monday, January 13, 2014

Daddy Lends a Hand

This is Aurora.  Daddy is writing, but I am dictating because I'm physically unable to read or write at the moment.  Daddy says that statement sounds like I'm drunk right now, but I swear that is not it!  This past weekend, we had hoped to spend playing with whips and chains and other fun things, but instead it was spent at the ER finding out that a health condition that I thought was over years ago...has returned.  So, I didn't get to post like I had hoped today, but since this was important to me, Daddy is doing it for me.

Nineteen years ago today, I met Daddy.  It was a Friday - Friday the 13th, but it turned out to be a very lucky one for me.  I was living at home, taking college classes at the time when a friend of mine introduced me to the online world (This was back when pagers where the new cool thing and nobody had a cell phone).  I started talking to people through a web service and made a post that Friday looking for people in my area.  Daddy was one of the only ones to email me that didn't sound like a creep (little did she know).  I started emailing him back.  A few days later we talked on the phone.  A few weeks later, we met in person.  And the rest is history.

This past weekend when everything was happening, my Mom commented to me that God surely gave Daddy (she didn't say Daddy) to me because he is so good at taking care of me during the harder times.  I don't know whether it was God or just some really good luck that Friday, 19 years ago.  But despite being in pain and feeling angry and frustrated, I also feel very blessed. 

Daddy walked me through this many years ago when we were younger, more immature (she was) and less in love than we are now.  I have no doubt that he will have my hand every step of the way again.  So, thank you Daddy (you're welcome) for the best 19 years of my life and all of the silly comments that you are making right now that I can't read. 

I don't know when I will be back to blog or how often I will get to read in the coming days and weeks, but I hope to do my best.  The End. (I don't think she wanted that in there, but she said it so what the hell?).

Thank you for everyone's comments on Friday.  I am sorry that I cannot answer them!


  1. A and P,
    You two have such a strong and heartfelt love. Take care of your girl P...something you will do amazingly well I'm sure! Some new blog friend of mine recently commented to me that 'nothing ever worth having comes easy'. Sound familiar Aurora =) I wish you good health and speedy healing. Take care and see you back soon I hope! XOXO Pearl

  2. Aurora, I hate to hear you are not well! You will be in my thoughts and hopefully this will pass quickly. However, 19 years? That is something to celebrate!

  3. I so sorry you are ailing badly. Sending you positive thoughts and energy for a speedy recovery.
    Happy anniversary of sorts - it is wonderful you have your Daddy by your side to help you through this.
    When you're ready and able, come back to us, you will be missed.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you're ill. You will be missed in your absence, but take the time you need to get better and we will all be when you are. Your Daddy seems to have everything under control and more than capable than caring for you. You are blessed.


  5. Friday the 13th! That's the best! I was born on the 13tg so I have a definately affinity! It was FATE that you met ... Pure & simple!

    I do hope your illness is not serious. I shall say many blessings for you, for a speedy recovery!!!


    PS - love the little asides Phillip ... Too cute! I think it was the perfect post for you to write together!!! <3

  6. Prayers for a speedy recovery! You will be missed!

  7. Oh no, hope your recovery is speedy xxx

    and many congrats on your anniversary!

  8. Aurora, I'm so sorry to hear you are unwell and am sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and take the time you need to concentrate on getting well. We will miss you and will be here when you are ready.

    I'm glad you have your Daddy by your side to walk you through this. A lucky Friday 13th 19 years ago indeed. You are blessed.