Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A (Brief) View From The Bottom

As Aurora had mentioned the other day, on the second to last day of 2013, I offered her a chance to be the dominant for a couple of days. We are in the roles that we are for a reason.  That is where we are comfortable.  However, I thought that perhaps it would be good for the both of us to see it from the other side. It took about 20 hours for her to beg me to take the power back.  It didn't feel right for her.  She hated being in control.  The truth begging was necessary.

I give credit to any person...male or female...that can give complete submission.  It is a gift.  A gift that I, as a dominant, cannot completely wrap my head around.  First of all, I am just not wired to submit.  I need to be in control of myself and Aurora.  I am happiest and most comfortable that way.  In turn, Aurora is not wired to be dominant.  She is happiest when decisions are made for her and when I have the control.  We are made for each other.

So, when I handed Aurora control, what do you think she went to first?  Yep. My spanking stick.  My spanking stick is literally a wand from a set of  mini blinds.  It is quiet and that is part of the reason I like it so much being that we have kids in the house.  At any rate, I played along (not sure if you would call it submitting).  I laid on my belly, bare bottomed and let her give it a try.  She tapped me lightly and giggled.  This was going to be easy.  She didn't have it in her to spank me hard, like I do to her. 

Just as I relaxed, thinking about how she was going to be handing back the power any minute, apparently she decided that this was her one and only chance...and...WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!  Holy fuck!  I rolled over to let the stinging subside. Yes, I know...bad submissive.  When I rolled back over onto my stomach, she really got into it, giving me several whacks with the stick.  I flinched away and rolled onto my back and told her in my best submissive tone that she will never touch me with that stick again.  I was caught in between thinking how much I hated that feeling and thinking about how damn effective it must be on her and looking forward to my next chance to spank her with it.  I decided that I belong on the swinging end of the spanking stick from now on.  I am happier. She is happier. I think the stick is even happier that way. If I were the stick, I would prefer touching her ass than mine any day.

I realize that this story makes me look like a gigantic wuss.  And maybe I am.  What I did realize though is that one truly needs to be submissive to take that kind of pain.  Once in the mindset of serving and enduring, it is amazing what a submissive can withstand.  It makes me proud of Aurora and shows me how much she loves her role.  You have to love it in order to put up with that stick! 


  1. Oh wow Phillip! I am so glad that you posted this!!! It's nice to hear your perspective on it. And as I told Aurora .. it was probably a good lesson for her to see that she can be assertive (in dealings in her vanilla life).
    WHACK WHACK WHACK! I am glad that she got a couple of good licks in there as well! .... ummm, no offence to your prostierior .. I mean Dominance!

    Awesome post!!!!! I love it! :D

  2. How nice to get your perspective! And, I can't lie, I did laugh, only a little though. :)

    I will be sharing this with my Master.

  3. Hi Phillip, I too am glad you posted this and enjoyed reading your perspective. This was such a great idea ... and brave of you! lol. Experiencing things from 'the other side' gives us a far greater understanding.

    I just have to say it ... glad Aurora got a couple of good whacks in too :) You have to take the opportunity when it's given right? LoL. Yes, by all accounts those tilt wands hurt like the blazers! No tilt wands here fortunately, but we do have what I imagine to be a similar implement.


  4. Daddy,

    Thank you for writing this. And for not just leading with your words but by example too.

    And *giggles*;)

    love always,