Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Things About Me

Happy Black Friday! So I know this is going around Facebook, and to be honest I hate coming up with stuff about myself. But I love to read it about everybody else, so here it goes...

1. My dad worked for the airlines. I grew up flying all the time. Yet, I'm afraid to fly. Petrified. You can shove a xanax down my throat with three bottles of wine and you'll still have to drag me (probably screaming and crying) onto the plane.

2. I like to sew and I like vintage things. Daddy and I found a Singer Sewing Machine table from 1934 at goodwill for ten dollars. Daddy re-finished the table and fixed it up for me and the machine still works perfectly. I love it more than my more modern machine!

3. I also like to cook and bake and love my Kitchen Aid mixer. So much that I have two of them!! My oldest daughter asked if she could have one when she moves out. I told her she could as long as it stays in my kitchen.

4. I've written a few novels, but none of them are any form of erotica. I love love love to read it though. Just struggle with writing my own. I seem to have way better sex scenes than I write sex scenes. Which I guess isn't too bad of a thing...

5. According to the Briggs Myers test, I'm an INFP. Which I think explains why I overthink everything and my head is always in the clouds. According to the Harry Potter Characters Briggs Myers, I'm Luna Lovegood. Which is just about right.

6. I was born in August and am a Leo. So I'm an introverted Leo. I think that makes me an oxymoron.

7. I don't do Black Friday shopping. Ever. Although I do love to shop, crowds like that overwhelm me (it's the introverted thing). To those that do --- have fun and stay safe!


  1. Great facts - little spooky co-incidences to me. My parents own an ancient Singer sewing machine complete with table and pedal. I used to love pedalling that thing.
    I write erotica, the sex scenes flow much easier than the real thing sometimes, which is kind of disappointing.
    I'm a Leo too - I sit on the fence when it comes to intro / extrovert.
    My Briggs Myers test varies according to my mood of the day - so I flit between E or I, but always F and P. I'm over thinker too.
    I don't do sales shopping. I hibernate instead.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. DF,

      You write amazing erotica. Have you published anything? One of my critique partners writes erotica and she is doing really well.

      That Leo thing must throw off the I part. Sometimes I think I want to be an E, and I'll go make a bunch of plans to go out for the weekend. Then the I comes out on Friday begging me to cancel them all.

      I hibernated and shopped online this year. It worked perfectly.

  2. I'm not good at sewing, but the old Singers were better than any of the fancy machines you can buy now.

    Do you want to add any of your novels to my Advent Calendar? It's a great event for readers and authors, and it begins on the 1st. Even if you don't want to add a book, you can still play. :)

    Yay for skipping the shopping! I think it's crazy.

    1. Oooh I'm late and my genre wouldn't fit anyhow. But I'll have to stop over to play.

      And yes - so glad I skipped the going out to shop. I did end up doing some online though -- that was very nice.

  3. I got assigned 13 things on facebook and couldn't think of 13 that were appropriate to share on there. Then they weren't exactly interesting enough to share on my blog either lol... except for the couple juicy ones! I had an old Singer, the first model with electricity and it gave me so many troubles always. It couldn't hold tension no matter how many times I had it repaired. I finally bit the bullet a couple years ago - yes black friday - and got a new one. I love it. People told me I'd hate it. Love love love it.

    1. Lol. I did end up getting a brand new one online this past Friday. So now I have 3 machines.

      It's computerized so hoping I love it just as much.

  4. I can hardly sew a button on a shirt .. yet I have sewn, by hand, 2 ewok costumes!!! O.o .. sewing machines & I do NOT get along. I once messed up my mom's machine so badly, she banned me from it & they have terrified me ever since!

    I would love to know the names of your novels .. PLEASE!!! (I have email link on my blog) *puppy eyes* PLEEEEEEEESE!!!

    I have no idea what the Briggs Myers test is .. but I would probably "fail" ;)

    I am a moon baby .. Cancer ... you should be able to tell by my blog o.O

    Black Friday shopping online ... win win WIN! I bought my Darth Vader toaster on Black Friday (online) ;)

    Loved this post!!! (and thanks for following on tumblr) ;)

    1. Oh wow - 2 costumes by hand. That's awesome!

      The Briggs Myers is a personality test (so no There's a bunch of versions online.

      I think I should've been a

      And I did online shop this year and got everything I wanted. It was very nice.

  5. Enjoyed reading this and getting to know a little more about you. I'm not good at sewing either. I hate shopping too, especially this time of year!

    I agree, having great sex scenes is better than writing them :)


    1. Thanks Roz!

      Yeah, that certainly does console me :)