Friday, December 19, 2014


That is how I've been feeling lately. Very overwhelmed.

Of course it is that time of year where everybody is overwhelmed. All the shopping and parties and endless activities and things to do. And being an introvert, the crowded stores and big gatherings exhaust me. Plus I'm dreading the annual fun of having my bitterly divorced parents in the same state in just a few days (oh I wish Christmas could be like our Thanksgiving), this bipolar weather is wreaking havoc on the fibro, and they upped my meds and I just all around feel like crap.

In the midst of all this, I made the mistake of deciding to sew a few gifts this year. They are things the recipients specifically asked for (and know they're getting) so there's no backing out at this point. Plus Daddy keeps declaring, "they will be done". Pfffft. Okay, okay. They will. But I really think I should've probably started a year ago.

Despite all this, Daddy, for the most part, has been super domly lately. Which is a good thing because I'm whatever the opposite of super submissive is. So he's keeping me moving forward instead of curling up with wine and chocolate on the couch and watching endless Lifetime movies. And last weekend he even brought out the flogger and crop for the first time since like last January and all I can say is whoooeeeee it was so awesome and oh how much I needed that.

Anyways in case I don't make it back here before 2015 (which I most likely won't), I want to wish all my blogging friends the happiest of holidays this year!


  1. Your sewing situation sounds very familiar. Lol. Sewing anything seems to take me for-ev-er, but feels really good once I'm done.

    Hope you two have a wonderful Christmas (it could turn out better than you think!) and a fun New Year!

    And can I just say that chocolate, wine, and Lifetime movies sounds like a fantastic night!

  2. Same to you my friend! So very happy you had a little flogger and crop time. I'm sure it felt amazing- and lovingly familiar =)
    XOXO Pearl

  3. Hi Aurora, ugh! It's such a stressful time of year. Glad you had some familiar fun with the flogger and crop:) Wishing you, Phillip and family a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


  4. I can't sew, so your endeavours impress me!
    The flogger for me is the best stress buster, it calms and leaves that warmth behind.
    Wishing you and Philip a merry Christmas.

  5. Isn't it typical .. you commit to projects then fibro rears it's ugly head! I know this so well. I have learned though to say .. "yes, it will be done but I am having a flare so it might be a little late BUT IT WILL BE DONE!" .. ususally it works for me.

    *sighs* I just got the treat of a flogging last weekend. MyWolf has never used a flogger before & while I don't think it is really His cup of tea (He LOVES His ping pong paddle!) .. He did see how well I responded to it. (It has been about 18months since I was last flogged).

    I hope you guys have a super fantastic holiday season. Don't worry too much about your parents though ... You just concentrate on your own happiness. If they choose to be miserable that is their own problem. ;)

  6. Thinking of you and Phillip- hope all is well. I nominated you for the "Real Neat Blog Award". Check out my post from today. Just in case you needed inspiration to blog- there are some good questions for you!