Wednesday, October 16, 2013


When we're in sync, things are amazing. It's like Daddy is inside my head. I don't know where I end or he begins.

But when we're not in sync, it's hard. Really, really hard.

Daddy's new job has kept him very busy. He has lots of new things to learn on top of the new schedule. He's stressed and doesn't have the time or energy he had a month ago. There's a lot of transition in my current job right now. A lot of planning for what my future will be after this job is done. I've been feeling the stress. My body's been feeling the stress -- it seems like it's been health issue after health issue over the past week.

All these changes are overwhelming.  I know I just need to be patient. And I do well, for the most part, throughout the day. But at night all the feelings collapse in on me. I miss Daddy. I miss his dominance. I miss him inside me -- both physically and mentally. I miss the spankings. I miss the closeness.

We had a good talk the other night. About bringing in new rituals and adapting some of the old ones. Daddy reminds me the rules are still in place, and he's been doing what he can. But sometimes it's not enough.

Last night we both seemed to explode. We said a lot of things, but had trouble really listening. Daddy got frustrated. I cried a lot.

This past summer Daddy drew this deep vulnerable part of me out. I felt so safe. Like I was tucked in a little box with walls formed from his dominance and control. I was protected and free. I didn't have to pretend or hide -- not with him. But now I don't feel that box. I feel desperate, out-of-control. Like I'm bouncing around looking for even the hint of a wall.

I asked Daddy last night if we could just take a step back until we're through this. I feel insecure and destructive and have an overwhelming need for self-preservation.

Daddy asked me to stick it out until Sunday, and if I'm still feeling this way we can't take a step back.

So I agreed to wait. To submit. To obey. To stay open to him about how I'm feeling and trust him despite how badly everything in me wants to run away.

So here I am struggling to be patient and hang on. Doing everything I can to not break us. Or me.

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  1. Take deep breaths, little steps and don't worry about the big picture. Tomorrow will take care of itself, hang on to today.