Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beginning Again

So, I'm 'officially' all better. The doctor said the autoimmune stuff is in remission, the surgery I had last year is all healed up and better. I can do all the fun and not so fun things (like housework) again. And thanks for anyone who is still reading this (if anyone is still even reading this). I know I've been horrible about posting and responding to so many sweet comments and reading other blogs and I can't wait to catch up on all of that now.

In good news, things have been a lot less vanilla around here. Especially over the past week.

In not so good news, I'm a mess of insecurities. Since last fall things around here have been pretty relaxed. Daddy got a promotion at work this past winter that's left him super busy and focused on that, and I've been wrapped up in my own little world of quilting, reading non sexy stuff, and Netflix comedies. It's been comfortable. Like how we were before all of this. No pushing me to write or take chances or face those demons. It's almost like I've been able to lock myself up again. Every now and then I'd worry that maybe I was becoming who I used to be. That 'Aurora' was just a phase and I'd go back to my nonsexual withdrawn self. That scared the crap out of me. So I'd say something to Daddy who would tell me not to worry, just get better and he'd get me back where he wanted when the time was right.

Well the right time came last week which is great and I couldn't be more excited and happy. But I've also been scared out of my mind. Daddy's unlocked that door again and suddenly all my fears and worries are tumbling out. And so it's been night after night of me asking him questions.

Does he need this? Does he want this? Is he happy with this or would he rather be like we were? 

His answers are always reassuringly the same and I know I should trust them. He's never given me a reason not to. But I still struggle. I think it's because all the more we start back down this road the more I want and need it all. The pain. The suffering. The need to submit and to serve him. It's like a fire growing and consuming me. And that's what scares me because I start to wonder why am I like this. Why do I crave that feeling of powerless so much? I see the news with women who are abused and killed by their husbands and I wonder if  Daddy hadn't walked into my life when he did could I have been one of them? Why do I have this enormous need to please everybody? Am I broken? Unfixable? Crazy? How can someone love someone like me? Oh, how I feel like I'm back in the beginning of all of this back three years ago, with my finger on the 'send' button ready to tell Daddy all my deepest darkest thoughts and praying he doesn't run in the other direction. I guess it's probably like this since things have been so low key with the health stuff for so long but sometimes I want to shake myself. Haven't I learned anything?

Daddy says I like what I like. He likes what he likes. Lucky for us, what he likes turns me into what he likes (which apparently is a crazy sex-starved little slut) and there's no need to overthink all of this because it's a good thing since it makes us both very happy.

And I know he's right. But tonight I'm afraid I'll probably still be asking him all the same questions again.


  1. WELCOME BACK!!! I always get excited when I saw your posts because it meant that part of your life you thrived on was still present in your mindset.

    I'm so glad you are in remission! Trust Him. He took good care of you this last year, which proves how much you could trust Him with everything.

  2. Oh, I am thrilled to hear you are better! Really, that's great news.

    I'm kinda going through the same thing, so I'm afraid I'm lacking in the advice department. Lol. All I know is, at the end of the day, it's all worth it.

  3. And the answers tonight will not change. Slowly but surely your insecurities will fade. I know this. I've seen this before. I Love you!

  4. Hi Aurora, so good to hear from you! I'm so happy to hear you are in remission, that is fantastic news!

    I understand the insecurity and feeling like you are back at the start again, we have had a few stops and starts. You will work your way back to where you both want to be together. Trust in Phillip, his comment says it all :)


  5. Aurora (and Phillip!),
    So amazing to hear that your health is improving so well and that you are both able to start your return back to where you BOTH want to be!! You were missed here in blogland =)

    Why do we return back to the old "Why am I like this??" "Do you/we want this?" when we are so clearly happier in our roles?! I am excited to see you back and can't wait to hear how you two work to reconnect your D/s dynamic!!!

    XOXO Pearl