Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog Reading

So I'm supposed to be doing this blogging thing once a week, and I vowed last week that I wouldn't break that rule again, but I'm really struggling with what to write and now it's late Friday afternoon and I'm out of time. I asked Phillip for some help, but his answer was to write what I feel. That didn't go so well. This week has been a little long between the winter weather we're experiencing and a little family/holiday drama and my feelings have been all over the place. So much so, that I have two half-written messy drafts of mixed-up nothingness.

So I'm going to spare everyone all the crazy word vomit and answer a question that was left in the comments last week on LOL day. (And to that commenter: Thank you, thank you thank you!!!)

The question was: Apart from your own, which blogs do you most like reading?

Well first I'm going to say that I don't like to read my own blog. It's sometimes hard for me to even edit posts (sorry for any and all errors). Reading my own words makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Aside from that though, I honestly can't think of a blog I don't like to read. I love reading blogs and am always excited to find a new one. I know that no community is perfect and blogland has it's issues and drama, but I feel like there's a lot more honest, real, non-judgmental people here and it sure is refreshing. And I've learned so much.

But since you asked for the blogs I like to read the most...well unfortunately several of them have gone private or disappeared altogether, but here are some blogs I've really connected with off the top of my head.

Mouse's blog which I mentioned in my last post. It was the first blog I ever found and the first blog to make me feel not so alone in this submissive world. There's such a beautiful raw honesty in all of her posts.

Submissive Sanctuary was the first blog I found where the D/s relationship came after the marriage. At the time I was a little nervous about changing our dynamic because our marriage at the time was actually pretty good and what if the shift to D/s messed that up. Reading Lil's blog gave me so much hope. Plus she's a really dang good writer.

Misty's blog. I think she's channeling my brain or I'm channeling hers because everything she writes sounds like me. Even Phillip who'll read blogs too from time to time asked me if I wasn't secretly Misty. But it's nice and comforting to read her posts because I don't feel so crazy and  a lot more normal.

Also Pearl, Geekie Kittie, BlondieFondles, and Thoughts From His Slut are some others that I really really enjoy because their posts are often full of such realness and honesty and those are my favorite types of posts. I do enjoy reading the sexy ones (there are some brilliant writers here), but I'm drawn to those everyday raw feeling type posts. I think it's because except for Phillip, there is nobody in my real everyday life who knows about this side of me and sometimes it feels lonely. Reading about other bloggers who've shared thoughts or feelings I've experienced makes me feel a little less lonely and a lot more normal (even if I don't ever get brave enough to comment).

Honestly there's probably a good dozen or two more blogs I obsessively lurk on and I'm discovering some great new ones from LOL day that I've been trying to read from the beginning. It's been a slow process though because Phillip's limits my blog reading. He thinks I overdo it and get impatient and things don't go too well when that happens.

Thanks again to the lurker for the question. Thanks to all the bloggers out their in blog land for continuing to write and share such amazing things everyday (especially after I've been struggling so much this week). Hopefully the words flow better next week.


  1. Aurora,
    you are far too kind. Than you for your kind words about my rambling.

    I totally know what you mean about crazy word vomit--happens to me all the time. At least we have places to do it though!

  2. If only you could see the smile on my face. Seriously, you made my day (and I haven't even had coffee yet).

    I feel like the more I write the easier it gets. I still stress about it, but the stress is familiar now and it's easier to push through.

    Thank you, aurora!

  3. Hi Aurora, I'm sorry you have had such a rough week and hope things settle down for you soon. I too can relate to the crazy word vomit. This is such s great place to vent, and it does sometimes help.


  4. You too are one of my most favourite blogs to read!!!! I am so happy that you are posting more regularily again!


  5. May I admit openly that I do love to read and follow your blog? I can? OK ...... I love to read and follow your blog. there is just something about real people, leading real lives, that have incorporated D/s into their loving relationships.

    looking forward to the future of your blog entires.

  6. Very much love your blog, you know this! I am happy to see your posts each time (I just need to make some blog reading time- this catching up is tough =)
    XOXO Pearl